Muslim Friendly Hotel (MFH) in Malaysia: understanding the Market

Muslim Friendly Hotel (MFH) in Malaysia: understanding the Market. Sains Insani, 6 (3). pp. 40-46. ISSN 0127-7871 (2021)


The increasing number of Muslim travellers has led to the
increase of demand and supply in Islamic tourism and hospitality industry. Due to this trend, hotel providers have provided innovative services, and Muslim-Friendly Hotel has been created specifically to cater the needs of Muslim travellers. Perceived value is acknowledged as an influential measure of customer satisfaction and behavioural intention. However, only a limited amount of empirical research has been made on the relationship between perceived value, satisfaction, and behavioural intentions towards
Muslim-friendly Hotel in the context of Muslim tourists. Although researchers have proposed theoretical knowledge and provided empirical evidence on the concept of perceived value, only a few studies have applied this concept in the Muslim tourist’s perspective. It is important to understand the relationship between concept-perceived value, satisfaction, and behavioural intention of Muslim tourist, for the sustainability of a competitive business. Therefore, a survey was made on 386 Muslim tourists who have experienced the services provided from the selected Muslim-friendly hotels in Malaysia. Partial Least Square algorithm (PLSSEM), with the aid of Smart PLS software, was used to test and validate the reliability of the scales. The findings from this study indicate that service quality, physical attribute, emotional and nonphysical attribute are four interrelated factors, which collectively contribute to Muslim tourists’ satisfaction. Besides that, the findings also confirm the roles of satisfaction as a mediator in the relationship between (i) service quality, (ii) Islamic
physical attribute, (iii) emotional and (iv) Islamic nonphysical attribute with behavioural intentions. These findings contribute to the theory of consumer’s behaviour by examining the behavioural intention of Muslim tourist, in the context of Muslim-Friendly Hotel. In terms of practical
implications, the findings may also assist tourism providers and marketers in establishing and developing Islamic tourism product and services by meeting the needs of Muslim tourists.

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