Malay-Park Cafe: traditional Malay food

Malay-Park Cafe: traditional Malay food. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The business oriented cafe in our country is getting wide and become famous in few place. Because of that reason, our company will venture this type of business in Kota Kinabalu with our different specialties from other cafe. The name of our company is Malay-Park Cafe which is we want to represent the role of Malay people which is Malay people also can become an entrepreneur. Other than that, the idea of Malay-Park Cafe is actually to introduce the public about the business that we run with such different concept and unique services. The name 'Malay-Park' is actually refer to us all as the Malay Entrepreneur who run this business to create awareness to the public that this business is surely "halal" and need no hesitation, and at the same time, 'Malay-Park' have as much as similar sound of 'Melepak' which means chill. Our cafe is not only for serve people with variety of food and beverages, but also act to eliminate boredom of people while waiting for traffic congestion. We want something different with other cafe which is our cafe provide some traditional Malay food such as curry puff with different taste and many more. Some people want something different or new, so we believe our business can attract people in in Kota Kinabalu especially people who caught in traffic congestion.

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