Futsal Planeta & Academy: futsal facilities and coaching

Futsal Planeta & Academy: futsal facilities and coaching. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Futsal is the indoor type of association soccer (football) that is officially sanctioned by FIFA (the Federation Internationale de Football Association) - international governing body of football. It is quite a curious fact that actually the name of "futsal" is derived from Spanish, the original expression being "futbol sala". Another theory claims that the name of this game traces its roots to the Portuguese language, namely the expression "futebol de salao", both of the expressions mentioned above are translated as "football in the hall". Futsal history began in 1930 in Uruguay and now the history is more than 75 years. One of the most famous futsal competitions is World Championship. In a futsal match, there are two teams that consist of five players each. In every team, there is a goalkeeper and four field players. Futsal is different from other indoor football kinds in several ways. The most important distinction is that the playing field has lines which delimit it, and not boards or nets. It is an interesting fact that futsal ball is a little bit heavier than a regular football and thus it requires better skills of ball control as well as performance of passes. Moreover the smaller size of futsal playing field makes the game even more intense and challenging for players. As a result they exercise their decision-making skills and improve their reaction.

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