Bahkino Restaurant: food and book service concept

Bahkino Restaurant: food and book service concept. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Bahkino restaurant (BKR) is located at 1 Borneo hypermall. We choose a strategic location that can attract people easily since One borneohypermall is the largest hypermall in Kata Kinabalu and it is popular among communities. Our restaurant can easily be visited since there will be many people visiting One Borneo. BKR also have different concept that makes our restaurant different with other restaurant in One Borneo. This is because our restaurants have a unique concept in delivering product and services whereby we combine the food service and book service concept in our business. People who come in our restaurant can dine and at the same time they can read a book that we provide. Besides that, the food service that we provide also different from other restaurants. This is because, the menu that we offer have a combination of traditional and modern food which can attract people to dine at our restaurant. Moreover, this unique menu that we offer can attract people especially tourist that came to Sabah. The foreigner can easily come to our restaurant if they want to try the traditional food of Sabah. The book service that we offer to our customer is to attract student and to encourage people to read more than using gadgets. The time for people to read a book in our restaurant is also flexible. Our restaurant also offer a fixed price for people who want to read a certain book. We see opportunity to open and develop our business in One Borneo since we have researching and confident that we can maintain our business since there are no other restaurant in One Borneo that offer a service like our restaurant. With our business unique concept that makes our business different with others we believe that we BKR can stay long in the industry.

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