Handphone tie

Handphone tie. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The duty as the Assistant Environmental Health Officer is tough. The objective of this invention is to ease the flow of work during the officers carrying out their duties. They make use tie as daily wear for call. This product is suitable with the nature of work of Assistant Environmental Health Officer. Within huge target market, that is all Assistant Environmental Health Officers are the target market for our product. Besides, it can be introduced and expanded towards other field of work. That huge market includes about other 15 million labours in Malaysia, based on July 2017 statistic by Jabatan Perangkaan Malaysia. In addition, this idea has never been realized although it is important to the person working in the field. We are proud of the technology centric business that we have created. The technology centric business features a great deal of opportunity but some unique challenges as well. It is estimated that 1.6 million of government workers can use this product. That is when using simple maths in the profitability, RM30 x 1.6 million, the estimated revenue would be about RM 48 million. We feel that our company is uniquely positioned to profit from changes in the industry, and we feel that our company can continue to leverage the expertise we have gain into higher levels of profit and customer satisfactions. The management team area of expertise is precise and calibre. Our management team work tirelessly to bring you the only best product one can find in the market.

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