Aman Nasi Kukus Sdn Bhd: food trucks and catering services

Aman Nasi Kukus Sdn Bhd: food trucks and catering services. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Aman Nasi Kukus Sdn Berhad is branch business located at No 74 Lot 489-J Jalan Sg Udang, 41250 Klang, Selangor. This business focus on a bumiputera business to provide the best service to its customers in the field of food. Aman Nasi Kukus Sdn Bhd is now getting better with the addition of food trucks and catering services. The owner need to think wisely and give more attentions which is from a small problem to the big one in order to be prepared for the incoming challenge. Based on our observation to their business, Aman Nasi Kukus Sdn Bhd is having problem to sustain their customer to be loyal to their product when having parking lot for customer. This difficulties are contributing this business will lost their customer. Therefore, Aman Nasi Kukus should have space to provide parking for customer. Other issue that we discovered is problem with immigration of foreign worker. Lack of demand from local workers to work in the food industry in Malaysia, so Aman Nasi Kukus Sdn Bhd take foreign workers to work in their restaurants without a permit. For solution, Aman Nasi Kukus can hired a part time workers such as teenager that are on leave for semester break or they can go search an unemployed person at village near their places and provide them with shelters. Other than that, Aman Nasi Kukus Sdn Bhd should give their workers training to develop skill communication for easier them to entertain and speak well with customer. This is important, to makes them understand our cultural so that customer will be a loyal customer to their business. Last but not least, the business promotion is the most important that the Aman Nasi Kukus to provide because to grab customer attention to come and get opportunities to expand their business as well.

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