Beauty on the go: multifunctional portable makeup booth

Beauty on the go: multifunctional portable makeup booth. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Cosmetic industry is a billion-dollar industry. Research showed that one in three women admit to never leave the house without any makeup on and every year, women are responsible for consuming millions of cosmetic products. The global cosmetic product market also expected a huge increment until 7.14% from 2018- 2023. The problems are, for the women out there who do not have enough time and skills to do their makeup perfectly, even they have put all effort into that yet still did not achieve the makeup style they wished for. Based on the problem, an innovative new product was developed to cater to the demand and needs for cosmetics in beauty industry, also to develop the booth as tool for beauty industry to do promotion. At the same time to implement a time effective] hassle free and professional effects makeup service by using high performance technologies. The NPD process began from a brainstorming session that lead to the sorting of the ideas from the brainstorming session. Few limitations of the product had been detected which includes that it is a gender specific product in which the service provided only focuses on the female market. Another current limitation observed is that the current payment only accept cash. This limitations should be a guide to improve the product in the near future. "Beauty on The Go" is a multifunctional portable makeup booth that gives professional touch of makeup to its user with a reasonable price. It is a new product in the market place from the result of continous innovation process. The makeup service offers various theme from the "Beauty on The Go" signature look to personalized theme such as the extravagant dinner look. The product is based on the the spray tan and air brush technology. "Beauty on The Go" can be classify as the new-to-world products. The final product was developed as result from the study of the two concept testing. A survey was conducted to study the effectiveness for both of the concept. The estimation of sales potential of "Beauty on The Go" was done with the aid of test marketing session. This way an acceptable market is obtained while obtaining important and useful informations for configuration, pricing and promotional purposes.

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