Wanshah Maju Enterprise: coconut milk

Wanshah Maju Enterprise: coconut milk. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Wanshah Maju Enterprise is a small family business that was passed down from generation to generation since 1980's. This business started by selling fruits and vegetables but now its main product is producing coconut milk due to lack of supply of coconut milk in Sungai Besi area. The business operated in Sungai Besi wet market. The owner of Wanshah Maju Enterprise plans to build a stronger market position in that town and outside of the town due to mild competitive climate in the area. Wanshah Maju Enterprise has a bunch of regular customers and the demands for their coconut milk are high every day and especially during celebration. The problem is, up to this moment, Wanshah Maju Enterprise still operating mainly using manual labor. The workers need to peel and shred hundreds to thousands of coconuts every day. This condition is unfavorable because it increased the working time and limits the production of coconut milk every day. Besides, there are small scale current market and also shortage of local coconut supply during peak season. This manual labor can be overcome by investing money in innovative technology that does not require the use of manual labor or minimize the number of human labors in that company. By implementing the technology used in that company, the productivity of the shop can be increase at least twice the normal productivity rate and will be time saving. The process of coconut milk extraction will be faster than before using technology. Next, to increase the business growth is to venture into cyberpreneurship. Internet has been a major part for entrepreneur to start or expand their business and many have become successful entrepreneur through this platform. It is proven to be an effective method for business expansion. Other than that, to overcome the issue of shortage of local coconut supply, they need to be proactive especially during peak season and grab all the advantage of the opportunity. Being proactive will allow them to identify opportunities and act on them. The solutions provided based on the research and study made for the company. They are believed to be a good change in making Wanshah Maju Enterprise grows stronger and to get through the outside market other than in Sungai Besi.

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