All-in-one luggage

All-in-one luggage. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Our team has produce 'All-in-One Luggage' that is developed to store clothes like the regular bag, but add with new innovations. The new innovations are GPS Tracker to track the bag, USB charger port to charge phone, built-in scale to weigh the luggage, and portable table to use it anywhere and everywhere. This blueprint will shows the development of our luggage idea to the final results of our product. The concept our product is produced to provide safety and a user-friendly luggage to users. The GPS Tracker is adapted from GPS tracking system in cars, USB charger port from the regular power bank, built-in scale is adapted from the home weighing scale, and also additional portable table attached at the luggage handle. Target market for 'All-in-One Traveler Luggage' is for travellers especially among high class people. Most of the travelers that will need this luggage is businessman who requires a lot of important documents and belongings to be keep in the luggage. There is no competitor for our product because our company is the one and only that produce this type of luggage. However, the normal travel bag can be considered as the nearest competitor to our 'All-in-One Traveler Luggage'. The estimated cost for each product is RM 1870, so the estimated sales forecast based on the number of travelers buying (21%) from 5.63 million is RM 105,281,00000. Our estimated selling price per luggage is RM 2618, after has been total up with profit and over-head cost. Our team has plan a good marketing strategy to introduce our product into the market. Our product concept itself is very unique so it could easily attract customers to our product and the production concept of our company is to maintain a high quality product, low production costs, high production efficiency and mass distribution (small volume which is limited edition). Other strategies concept being applied by our team is selling concept, pricing, service and warranty, advertising and also promotion.

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