Iris: glasscole caja

Iris: glasscole caja. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Glascole Caja is one-off handy tool for both CL and spectacles to overcome inconvenience of bringing contact lens and spectacle on the same time. The target of this prototype is to ease consumer to store, bring and change from contact lens wear to spectacle or vice versa when needed. Advantages of this prototype user-friendly tool set which accommodate for both CL and spectacles. Other than that, this prototype also can act as time-effective device as it can reduce the time taken for changing CL to spectacle or spectacle to CL if necessary. Thus, it will enhance the education on contact lens care not only to the CL wearers but also spectacle wearers. First, our target market will be based on Puncak Alam. Puncak Alam residents is pack of students and office workers that used to wear both contact lens and spectacle. There also many branch of optical shop located in Bandar Puncak Alam. Thus, this product can be supplied to them as one of the optical product. For initial intensive selling effort, our team has set the target customers in other words, types of customer groups that would buy our product. Our target customer is for both contact lens wearers that also used to wear spectacle when the time limit for contact lens have finish. As we know, contact lens only can be wear for 8 hours of maximum time for a day. Overused of contact lens will lead to many eyes problem such as dry eyes, corneal ulcer and infections. This may be among students, office worker or others professionalism workers that used to wear contact lens to enhance their appearance. The product is designed to save time and ease consumers from extend the wearing hours of wearing CL. It will also ease and minimize the time for people that are always busy and always forgot to bring contact lens case or spectacle case as this product is 2 in 1 product that combine both elements with two extra compartment for spectacle cleaning and contact lens solution.

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