Lurve of Felicidad

Lurve of Felicidad. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Its more strongly love to see happiness between mum and her daughter that always bonding together or maybe share same interesting since they in a same gender. From there, it bring Lurve of Felicidad here to carries out online business that bring something love to them. As known, parents always being a mirror of kids. Whatever we do they always want to follow. That bringing some ideas to us to produce something that bring them close with us. Normally, we can match only for color but rarely did we find same design to match and match together. The uniqueness by Lurve of Felicidad we bring something cute and good for mum and kids that can match together. In that case, sometime we can understand and more close with them when we try to follow their interest. In addition to reinforcing strategies for maintaining customer loyalty towards Lurve of Felicidad, expanding and exploring ways to promote this online product and services business in social media is important. The way to get customer, to maintaining and attract customer it’s important to bring this business more expanding in future. The way Lurve of Felidad use is by giving a teaser of product followed by soft sell then lastly by hard sell. This strategic of marketing will attract customer to buy and will be our regular customer for next new collection. Lurve of Felicidad will always find the new knowledge and marketing strategic to further develop in this business.

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