Smart eco-usb charger water bottle

Smart eco-usb charger water bottle. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Smart Eco-USB Charger Water Bottle is a new product developed to meet the need of modern generation where everyday life routine circling around electronic gadget or device, whether for personal or work activities. Todays, people are concerning about power saving and global warming issue that affects all living things. Smart principle behind the design allow for caring to the environment, without using too much electricity we ensure the rising concern of today generation towards global warming and excessive use of unrenewable energy are tackled. People are more to think about how "go green" in their everyday life and maybe even might save some money in the process. Eco-friendly devices means something innovation which help to cut down on energy usage. Our company has come up with this idea in order to reduce this issue by reducing electrical usage and promote active lifestyles among the public. Active lifestyles consumer can save a lot of electricity, time consuming to charge their gadget, improve their personality by using our product. The discreet design and colours of "Smart Eco- USB Charger Water Bottle" make it very suitable for young people, student, professional personnel and sport enthusiast. Eco-friendly portable water bottle with USB charging function which are easy to carry around with its unique design, are expected to become popular among people with busy and active lifestyle. It functions simply, consist of water bottle, mini hydroelectric, 5V rechargeable battery, LED strobe, low profile tact switch, LCD character display and micro USB. Electricity that are generated with only using the movement of water inside the bottle is a new applied technology used to provide clean and renewable source of electricity which can be carry around by everyone, and hoped to bring more simple and easy invention that help with people daily routines. Our "Smart Eco-USB Charger Water Bottle" has functions and advantages not found in today's water bottle, thus providing a competitive advantage over more established competitors. The price is reasonable and there is no physical energy used.

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