Smart wheelchair

Smart wheelchair. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays, there are people in the world who are facing disability in movement due to a significant amount of paralysis, accident, or due to old age. For many years, the wheelchair was used among disable person in order to ease their movement. But, the standard wheelchair nowadays needs some improvements and remodeling in order to fulfill the requirements of users. For this reason, our team decided to build a smart wheelchair which would be helpful to these people to be self-dependent and would be helpful in integrating them into our society. A smart wheelchair comes with several features and latest technology which is very helpful to its users such as driven by an electric motor controlled by joystick or voice command, obstacle sensor to avoid a collision and also have the ability to climb the stairs. This product will offer many advantages and benefits to its user. The smart wheelchair will be sold to the hospital, old folk homes, charity homes, and homeowner. This is the main target buyer for our product because based on our study and observation these parties is the most that use the wheelchair. This smart wheelchair will be sold in the physical store and website with price RM2400. The price is quite expensive because it's come with many features and technology. Although the price is quite expensive it gives a different experience to its users.

Item Type: Entrepreneurship Project
Additional Information: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Keywords: Business proposal, Entrepreneurship, Facing disability, Safety features, Electric motor, Voice command
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