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l-Jeans Tech Sdn Bhd: l-jeans box. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The team is developing the "l-Jeans Box" for the jeans and denim users to prevent the jeans fabric from pre-shrunk when it is being washed and prevent the loss of colour also removes the dirt. Based on the research conducted in 2011 that has been made by professor Rachel McQueen from University of Alberta has proved that the jeans wore for 15 months straight without washing them do not pose any health risks for healthy people. They tested them for bacteria and found levels of bacteria were pretty normal. However, then they wore them for 13 days before retesting them, bacteria levels were nearly identical. Jeans are very popular of casual dress around the world either for men or women. They come in many styles and colors and made up from denim cloth. Jeans have high durability and more expensive if compared with other common fabrics that required proper care and wear.

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