DAG Pillow: bantal hotel DAG

DAG Pillow: bantal hotel DAG. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


DAG Pillow is one of the best pillow brands in Malaysia. We have wide variety of products and have the uniqueness that suits everyone. In addition to ensuring my customers are always good, our goods are also guaranteed as high as enjoyable at the 7 star hotel. DAG pillow is easy and easy to keep. No need to bother or need special tools, our pillows can be washed using a washing machine or can only be sunbathed. With good care our products can last for at least 2 years. Retaining and gaining DAG Pillow customers is very hard because in the Facebook page have already had a several page & agent that selling this product. In order to ensure that 'Bantal Hotel DAG' pages can gain more profits and views, I need to think a market strategy to attract customer buy this pillow at my Facebook page and feel satisfied with my services while entertain their WhatsApp and Direct Message and also my product. This can be achieved if I employ the best customer service admin who have experience in handling orders, promptly attending to complaints and inquires through WhatsApp and Facebook page Direct Message. We also intend to provide a feedback box for customers to make a complaint or a suggestion about our product and customer service, it can help for business development in future. In addition to reinforcing strategies for maintaining customer loyalty towards 'Bantal Hotel DAG' pages, expending and exploring ways to promote this online product and services business in social media is important. Skill and ways to know how to attract customers are important. Starting by posting a teaser can give customer a sense of excitement to know which product are been selling. Next is the skills to make soft sell that can give customers an idea what exactly the business that I'm going to sell and lastly is the Hard Sell skills is to attract customers to buy my products by promoting and reveal the price and contact number. DAG Pillow can further enhance this entrepreneurial knowledge to further develop this business in the near future.

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