Hot Tropico: fresh and frozen coconut milk

Hot Tropico: fresh and frozen coconut milk. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished) (2021)


This business plan is essential to guide us in doing our business. It contains the marketing strategy, administration strategy, operational strategy and financial plan as to help us to run our business smoothly. For our business, we manufacture and sell fresh and frozen coconut milk. This business plan shows our planning on how to produce fresh and frozen coconuts milk to the target market or our potential customers, which stated in our marketing strategy. As we know there is shortage of the coconut milk. So, we take this opportunity to enter in this industry. From our view, this industry can develop very well and will benefit to us.

As a small and medium industry (SMI), it does not involve a very high cost for us to set up the business. We set up this business by our own contribution and also apply for bank loan. We will pay the loan within 7 years time. We hire 4 workers to help us in the operation in this business, suit with the equipment and machinery that we have.

The estimated cost for this business is about RM 48,000 per month and we estimate the expected return is about RM 70,000 per month. This is suitable with the demand of the coconut milk in Dungun area. We anticipate demand for coconut milk will increase in the month of September and October due to fasting month, Hari Raya celebration and school holiday respectively. As for the month of December, even though demand from education will be reduce due to holiday and semester break, we expect the demand will increase due to a lot of wedding functions will be held during this season.

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