Semiotic analysis: shape and colour as visual communication in Sabah food product labelling

Semiotic analysis: shape and colour as visual communication in Sabah food product labelling. Gendang Alam, 11 (2). pp. 21-32. ISSN 2180-1738 (2021)


This study is one of the researches on graphic design of local product labels. Sabah’s products are unique and competitive at its higher level. This study analyzes the quality and effectiveness of visual communication of snack product labelling to consumers according to aspects of art, design, and composition. The analysis begins with the collection of signs and the definition of each element on the label through Pierce's analytical theory and the classification approach of Stokes (2003), the design element consisting of images, letters, compositions, colours, and design displays on classified labels. Next, physical elements such as shapes and colours are interpreted by researchers. This study proof that semiotics can be used to interpret meanings and messages on the physical elements of labels. Aspects of shape and colour influence user psychology. The identity of a product can also be identified. The selection of graphic design elements on product labels can generate ideas for entrepreneurs to upgrade the quality of local products. Quality product labelling will have a positive impact on industrial tasters and be able to contribute knowledge to the industry itself.

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Keywords: Design, Food products, Graphic elements, Labelling, Semiotics, Visual design, Visual communication
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