Tajau motive (ceramic) of Iban's people based on the environment cosmology

Tajau motive (ceramic) of Iban's people based on the environment cosmology. Malaysian Journal of Creative Media, Design and Technology, 1 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 2637-0557 (2017)


In the 7th century to the 11th century, was the start of trading in Santubung, Sarawak. At that time, Santubung was the most well-known trading center. Almost all foreign traders will dock there to do business. It was the beginning of the use of pottery from Chinese merchants. They brought pottery to store food for their sea voyage. Pottery is also used to store a variety of dry foods, beverages, and to keep their properties.During the process of trading occurred, slowly the Iban people started learning the use of Tajau. For the Iban who possess the Tajau, it represents a symbol of status to the owner. The Iban use the pottery for variety of daily usage such as to stock upland rice, store water, palm wine, jewelry. It is also use as a funeral tool, Iban ritual tool and as a punishment in Adat Tusun Tunggu.The Tajau represent the wealth for the Iban, therefore they will strive to own it in addition to hand down it to their descendants. It becomes a very valuable inheritance.Each of the Tajau has variety of motive that is used as a decoration such as flora and fauna, animals, moon, stars, sun and animal faces. Each motive that is created has its own cosmology and it matches each other. They believe the environment surrounded them could give peace and harmony in their daily life until it has become a custom inherited by their ancestors. For example, the moon, animals, the sun give them guidance in their everyday life to hunt, build houses and to starts a journey. Meanwhile for the animals and plants are interdependent with each other to serve as a source of food or a place for shelter. They also believe if they do not follow these beliefs there will be unwanted things occurred that can cause death in the longhouse. Iban cosmology focused on life in everyday life until it becomes a custom to be observed by all Iban.

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