The process of creating mobile game: Sarawak cultural heritage

The process of creating mobile game: Sarawak cultural heritage. Journal of Computing Technologies and Creative Content, 6 (1). pp. 41-47. ISSN 2550-1550 (2021)


Sarawak's cultural heritage still appears to have a minimal level of awareness among citizens, including among Malaysians themselves, particularly those in western Malaysia. Only several people recognize Sarawak's uniqueness and also what makes it different from other countries around the globe. There are more than 27 diverse ethnic groups in Sarawak, totaling over 2.6 million people. The project aims to develop a mobile game featuring Sarawak's cultural heritage, which include traditional clothes, cuisine, plants and animals, musical equipment, and weapons. It is assumed that this game would contribute to expand recognition and attention towards how astounding Sarawak and its heritage are indeed. The smartphone game is being used in an educational way and seeks to encourage learning through fun, visualization, classical music, and knowledge provided by this platform. This alone would make learning more effective and convenient. On the other hand, this analysis will be carried out through the quantitative approach, in which surveys and questionnaires would be circulated both on paper and online. In conclusion, this project has become a great success and has fulfilled the goals and objectives set since the initiation of the project.

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