Assessing bibliotherapy elements in Malaysian children’s literature

Assessing bibliotherapy elements in Malaysian children’s literature. International Journal of Education and Knowledge Management (IJEKM), 2 (1). pp. 1-9. ISSN 2616-4698 (2019)


Children’s literature can be a useful resource tool for children who are facing childhood problems, depression, traumatic experiences and other mental health related problems. By reading stories which are similar to their problems, they will feel that they are not alone or left out in this world. However, choosing the appropriate books for this purpose is not easy; to overcome these issues, it is believed that bibliotherapy is one of the techniques that can help motivate and heal problematic children. That is why this paper highlights the needs in assessing bibliotherapeutic features in children’s literature to be used in the bibliotherapy program. The findings of this study revealed that even though there are huge amount of children’s literature in public library in the Klang Valley but the number of books that match the features needed in bibliotherapy books are still minimal. Therefore, this paper reflects the urgent need for extensive effort put into publishing children’s books in Malaysia that focus more on the psychological and mental aspects of children in its content.

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Keywords: Bibliotheraphy, Children’s literature, Childhood problems, Public libraries
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