Microstrip yagi antenna’s design and analysis for wireless LAN application

Microstrip yagi antenna’s design and analysis for wireless LAN application. Other thesis, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Dungun Campus. (2015)


Recently, having attractive features such as low profile, light weight, easy fabrication and so on, microstrip antennas are widely used. But microstrip antennas also possess major shortcomings such as narrow impedance bandwidth, low efficiency and gain, which limit seriously the application of the microstrip antennas. To overcome the disadvantage of low gain, a gain enhancement method using Yagi antenna concept is proposed with array application. High gain antennas have the advantage of longer range and better signal quality but must be aimed carefully in a particular direction. Low gain antennas have shorter range,
but the orientation of the antenna is inconsequential.
Two objectives of this research are to design and simulate a microstrip antenna which will be operating at 5 GHz band in wireless LAN operation coverage standard of IEEE 802.11
and to identify the effects of parasitic element which are reflector and directors to the performance of antenna that will achieve a high gain and good return loss.

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Keywords: Wireless LANs, Antenna design, Wave impedance, Microstrip Yagi antenna
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