The changing stage: Chhau as an intangible cultural heritage

The changing stage: Chhau as an intangible cultural heritage. The International Journal of Arts, Culture & Heritage (iJACH), 1 (SE). pp. 161-178. ISSN 2289-3121 (2013)


Performing Arts – especially dance – and its survival has been major foci of national policies in India, since the time when the nationalistic endeavors to formulate the structures of the soon to be independent nation were being formulated by the nation’s planners, in the last days of the colonial occupation. Keeping in mind the importance of generating a singular ‘Indian’ identity of a constructed “Unity in diversity”, and also the need to make ‘visible’ the cultural heritage that makes India a cultural heavy-weight in South Asia, Indian bureaucracy has designed the image of independent, secular, multi-cultural India with utmost care towards an ongoing process of cultural exhibition. This paper draws attention to the three factors (1) the culture/tradition, (2) the artist/ producer/carrier of the knowledge and (3) the product, isolable and marketable with or without reference to historicity, cultural specificity or authorship that come within the purview of any planning or strategizing and how those come to be affected by the push and pull between heritage/ tradition/memory on one side and modernity/development/globalization/market on the other. The article uses the example of Chhau Dance, which has been included in the ‘Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ in 2010.

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