Bom Bom Pie Cafe: pies

Bom Bom Pie Cafe: pies. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The name of our company is Bom Bom Pie Cafe. As we all know, there is no cafe in Sabah that specialize in producing pies as their main product, whereby the nature of Bom Bom Pie Cafe is producing delicious, nutritious and variety taste of pies. Pie will be the main product of Bom Bom Pie Cafe. Our Cafe would like to fulfill people's craving for a delicious pie that will surely make them to come again and buy some more truly memorable taste of Bom Bom Pies. Our Cafe will be the first Cafe in Sabah that specialize in producing pies. Therefore, this situation gives opportunity for us to become the first, the best and the highest demand for pies. Bom Bom Pie Cafe is located at Sulaman Central Store. Sulaman Central is a strategic location for Bom Bom Pie Cafe because of its environment whereby Sulaman Central is surrounded by people from three main areas which is the Sepanggar Area, Terbobon Area and Tuaran Area. In addition, Bom Bom Pie Cafe location is near to the raw materials and suppliers. Besides that, the transportation is very easy to get at this area because there is always public transport available. Bom Bom Pie Cafe is a new business in Sabah; therefore we have to find the most suitable price of rental that located at strategic place which is the why we choose Sulaman Central because the place is strategic and the price rentals is affordable. Our target market is people around Sabah and the resident of the three main areas which is the Sepanggar Area, Terbobon Area and Tuaran Area. Our potential prospects are the resident of Taman Indah Permai, resident of Taman Kuala Menggatal, resident of Taman Gudon, resident of Kg. Lokub, resident of Kg. Tebobon, resident of Taman Sri Maju, resident of University Apartment 2, student of UiTM, student of Politeknik, student of UMS, people that work at Sulaman Central and people that interested to buy our pies. In long term, we would like to expand our business to Sarawak and east Malaysia. Hopefully, with the success that we trying to achieve, Bom Bom Pie Cafe will be introduce to Brunei Darussalam because we would like to expand our business in the international business arena. Bom Bom Pie Cafe will be expected to operate on 13th of August. The reason we choose this specific dates is because we want to discover more on this type of business industry, identify the most suitable target market and the best supplier. Besides that, we want to do some research about the location and people interest in pies.

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