Demonstrating the electronic resources information retrieval: analysis on the most preferable method

Demonstrating the electronic resources information retrieval: analysis on the most preferable method. Journal of e-Learning and Higher Education, 2017 (3): 609304. pp. 1-9. ISSN 2169-0359 (2017)


This paper reports the study’s finding on the preferable method used by students while searching their electronic resources for assignment accomplishment. In accomplishing academic assignments, retrieving the right information from relevant and precise sources using the right methods is very critical. This is because there are various types of information retrieval methods that have been provided by the institution. By choosing the right information retrieval method, it will enable the student to reduce their searching time, to focus more and increase thinking creativity in information searching. For that reason, this study has been conducted to explore the preferable method used in searching electronic recourses among post graduate students in Malaysian Higher Learning Institutions. The methodology applied in this study is questionnaire survey. A set of 280 questionnaires have been distributed to seven (7) selected public institutions. The population selection is based on the amount of research works produced and the number of postgraduate enrollments. Out of 280 set of distributed questionnaires, a number of 200 questionnaires are valid for analysis. The results indicate that 162 respondents choose internet as a method in searching the electronic resources. The study concludes that the Internet is the most preferred method used in retrieving electronic resources. Therefore, subscribing the electronic resources from the Internet is the most important aspect. This is to ensure the student can reach an excellent value in their academic assignment accomplishment which has significantly correlates with their academic performance as well.

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