Evaluating the performance of e-government: does citizens’ access to ICT matter?

Evaluating the performance of e-government: does citizens’ access to ICT matter? Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences & Humanities, 29 (3). pp. 1507-1534. ISSN 2231-8534 (2021)


Different studies have evaluated the success of e-government in developed and developing countries. However, many of these studies rely on the economic and conventional approaches to evaluate e-government like other ICT projects. Also, they do not consider citizens’ access to ICT in their studies. This study, therefore, examines the moderating effect of citizens’ access to ICT on the performance of e-government within the context of IS Success Model and public value theory. The public value of e-government represents the net benefits of e-government. Data were collected from 369 experienced e-government users through a range of selected e-government services. The results show that citizens’ access to ICT positively and significantly moderates the relationship between actual use and the public value of e-government. This finding implies that access to ICT will drive more use of e-government and increase the value of e-government services. Also, the quality dimensions affect the actual use and user satisfaction with e-government. The most significant effect was established in the relationship between service quality and the actual use of e-government. In essence, this study emphasized the efficacy of ICT access as a stimulating effect on creating public value through increased citizens’ use of e-government for interacting with the government. Ultimately, it prompts the government to improve ICT access for the citizens to use more e-government services.

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Keywords: Access to ICT, e-Government performance, information quality, Public value, Service quality, Governance, Public administration
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