Ain’s dadih

Ain’s dadih. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


For the assignment, I had decided to sell dadih. I took dadih orders and delivered it to the customers’ homes. I had made 4 types of flavours and managed to sell all 84 containers in 2 days. My customers were my neighbours and my friends, so they were able to support me in this business. I promoted my business in Whatapps and my mother took orders for it. I had used Rm54 for the cost of these dadih and managed to sell RM84. In the end of the business days, I gained a profit of RM30. It is not a lot, but I was glad to be able to get a profit. What I had learned from this assignment is that I must be very calculative and learn simple mathematics. This is needed when I came up with the price for the product. Next, I had learnt that doing a business is very time consuming. It took a lot of my time and I was not able to do a lot of my assignments. There was a lot of things needed to do such as making the product, packing and delivery. In the future, If I were to start a business, I would like to start it after my studies as I would pay 100% attention to my business. Next, we would have to always be on time. Since I had a delivery in my business, I had to be punctual in delivering the products because I had set a time with the customers. We should always keep our promise of being on time because it makes the customers believe in us. I also learnt that I must be promotive. If you are not able to promote your products, not a lot of people will know about it. In conclusion, although this assignment was a sudden change to the original assignment, I did have fun doing this business. It gave me an insight to what a business would look like. I had hardships doing this during Ramadhan, but I was glad that I did it. It was because my friends would look forward to me selling dadih to them because they like it. I was very delighted when they were excited to receive it when I delivered it. It made me happy. I am thankful for this experience, but I would like to do a business once my studies are done.

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