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Ain's cookies. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


In this assignment, I choose to do a cookie business as my temporary business for my assignment project. After experiencing doing the business on my own, I realize that there a lot of things in this business world that I still need to learn, and everything is not as easy as it looks. I notice that as an entrepreneur, there a lot of energy and strategizing needs to be done and consider making sure that my business will do well and gain me a lot of profit. Moreover, I need to carefully do a research before I can start up my business and plans on how the business going to work out afterwards. Furthermore, as a new business owner I did face some challenges while managing it as it was my first time and it make me clueless on how I should promote my business and sell it. However, from this assignment I get a chance to experience the life as a business owner for temporary but the knowledge that I get from it are very useful and memorable for me. In conclusion, experiencing doing a business is totally a memorable and fun thing. As I see my business doing well despite lack of experience that I have, I cannot help but feel proud and satisfied with the outcome of my hard work.

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