Records and information management: the requirement for functional classification

Records and information management: the requirement for functional classification. Open Journal of Social Sciences, 3 (3). pp. 215-218. ISSN 2327-5960 (2005)


Records and information management (RIM) has gained its importance when it is proven capable in helping organisations to remain competitive and increase their accountability, transparency and integrity. RIM is practiced based on the life cycle concept which embraces creation through disposal where classification falls in between. Currently, most RIM systems are without classification as the systems were developed without considering the importance of the concept. Literature in RIM has proven that classification is crucial to guarantee the effective implementation of RIM and according to the current best practice. This paper seeks to find out how classification system is developed in public organizations in Malaysia followed by a proposal of a function-based model which seems more stable compared to subject-based classification. Function-based classification is chosen over the subject-base one since its ability to ease the of classification and retrieval processes. Also, function-based classification provides context for records rather than content other than aids appraisal and disposal activities and support the proactive management of records. This study adopts qualitative approach to explore the identified case study, by using interview and content analysis techniques. The former technique was used to sought the requirement for developing the function-based classification system whilst the later was used to aid the development of the propose model. Both the techniques have proven that the function-based classification system and a model are essential for public organizations in Malaysia in particular and elsewhere in general.

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Keywords: Records and Information Management, Classification, Function-Based Classification, Life Cycle
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