Electronic record and information management contexts for public agencies in Malaysia

Electronic record and information management contexts for public agencies in Malaysia. In: SOFTAM Postgraduate Symposium, December 2016, FTSM, UKM, Bangi. (Submitted) (2016)


Electronic Records and Information Management (ERIM) framework is paramount and should be the backbone in the implementation of ERIM initiatives which is a strategic asset of an organization. However, the framework used by the public agencies were only guided by mandate and aiming on record preservation for historical and research purposes and not as a strategic asset. The existing framework at the global level are inappropriate for the Malaysian context since every framework is unique to a particular organisation which created it. The absence of a suitable framework is the main reason why most public agencies in Malaysia continue facing problems in implementing ERIM initiative. ERIM contexts presenting an immediate issues and problems need to be identified to facilitate the process to determine the appropriate approach for developing a solution framework. A framework based on this context enable us to draw a balance between theoretical requirements and practical needs and ensure the framework is fit for purpose. Thus, the aim of this study is to develop an ERIM context model based on the issues and problems faced by public agencies in Malaysia. This model is needed to guide the ERIM framework development process. This study used a qualitative approach by using literature review and implement initial survey at two Malaysian Army units. Directed content analysis were used to guide the data analysis process. This study showed that human, organization, technology and processes contexts are the causes of ERIM issues and problems for public agencies in Malaysia. Thus, ERIM framework developed based on this context ensure the framework is relevant, reasonable, practical and responsive in resolving problems and establish a balance between theoretical and practical in implementing ERIM initiative.

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