Freedom of photography – the Malaysian scenario: a vital element of press freedom

Freedom of photography – the Malaysian scenario: a vital element of press freedom. Asian Social Science, 8 (5). pp. 38-45. ISSN 1911-2025 (2012)


Freedom of photography will be discussed in line with ethics, rules and regulations. This research will elaborate
the freedom of photography (mainly) focused on freedom of the press that is present in Malaysian scenario. The
research will determine two aspects of Freedom of Photography based on Press Freedom. The two aspects are
rules and regulations and ethics. These criteria’s are used to understand what has been applied in the Malaysian
Press. This research will show us the point of view from government regulations that the scenario is practiced by
the Malaysian Press industry. Journalistic Principles (Code of Ethics) will be taken as a consideration to show
that most decision making for press and photography are related to these principles. Press Freedom also affected
the Freedom of Photography in the way of that decision making. This research will discuss the reason of why the
Malaysian government plays a role in imposing some rules and law to the press and photography. In conclusion,
this research found that Malaysian presses have their freedom in Photography and a degree of toleration of
Freedom of Photography within the Journalistic Principle (Code of Ethics), Rules and Regulations. The situation
is in line with Malaysia’s media rules and ethics or practicing democracy

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