Vlogmentary 530 | warisan silat Hang Tuah

Vlogmentary 530 | warisan silat Hang Tuah. [Video] (2021)


Silat Hang Tuah is over 7 decades old and was born in the birthplace of the warrior itself, Melaka. Hang Tuah was an admiral and Malay warrior was elusive in the glory days during the reign of Sultan Mansur Shah was no stranger to the Malay archipelago. This martial art is an uncanny of unique identity and culture for the Malays during those days. Assembled by Haji Mokhtar Haji Yahya, this silat was used during battles and war among the Malays. Silat Hang Tuah not only teaches about the virtues of self-defence but more importantly, to build a society that has a strong sense of identity, discipline, loyalty, character development, and a sense of patriotism.

This heritage vlogmentary is produced as part of our coursework Heritage Tourism. This project is aimed at identifying individual or associations actively participating in this form of martial arts, to gain insights from the experts on the significance and relevancy of this martial arts, to explore the problems and challenges faced by the martial arts activists in encouraging youth participations and to explore the potential of Silat Hang Tuah as a tourism attraction in Malaysia.

Heritage Researchers:
Adam Abdul Latiff
Miza Rahimy Amirudin
Mokhtaruddin Dahiri

Project Advisor:
Madam Azwin Aksan

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Keywords: Heritage, Malay heritage, Seni silat, Archipelago
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Date Deposited: 31 May 2022 09:19
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