Librarian acceptance on the Resource Description and Access (RDA)

Librarian acceptance on the Resource Description and Access (RDA). Human Resource Management Academic Research Society, 11 (12). 709 -722. ISSN 2222-6990 (2021)


Technology advancement has significantly impacted and changed the cataloguing standards towards Resources Description and Access (RDA). RDA is designed for the networked digital environment based on a theoretical framework that defines the shape, structure and content of the new standard. This will enable library catalog users to find, identify, select and obtain resources according to their information needs. Although RDA had been tested and implement in the various library setting like Library of Congress and National Agricultural
Library. However, the implementation of the new cataloging standard will involve a big challenge because the acceptance of the librarians in Malaysia are varies. Thus elements of
motivations will greatly drive the successful of this implementation. Thus, this study was conducted to examine the understanding of the librarians towards acceptance of RDA
practices from motivational aspects and identify which factors influence librarian acceptance towards RDA. A self-administrated questionnaire was distributed and collected from
librarians in NLM as a leading agency in the implementation of RDA in Malaysia. A total of 24 valid questionnaires were received by the end of data collection’s period. SmartPLS software was used to evaluate the relationships among the constructs of the research model by conducting partial least squares (PLS) analysis because it allows to analyze data during the early stage of theory development. The results show that the second-order construct of intrinsic motivation has significant effect on librarian intention to accept RDA while the second order construct of extrinsic motivation does not. The future implications and conclusion are discussed in abstract.

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Keywords: Resource Description and Access (RDA), Intrinsic Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation, Intention to Accept, Motivation
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