The challenges in preserving the electronic records metadata

The challenges in preserving the electronic records metadata. International Journal of Information System and Engineering, 3 (1). pp. 11-17. ISSN 2289-7615 (2015)


This paper is highlight on the preserving a metadata for electronic records (e-Records). It discover from the electronic government (e-Government) initiative until its revealing on the challenges on preserving e-Records metadata. The evolvement of electronic document (e-Document) and eRecords also being address in this paper. Besides on the explaining on preservation metadata, this paper also focusing on selecting appropriate attribute to represent significant challenges based on the scholars. Thus, there are ten (10) challenges has been discussed in this paper including figure 1. There are Metadata Standard and Tools, Precision of category, User Resistance to change, Metadata Conflict, Extracting Core Metadata, Date Last Access, Automatic Metadata, File Plan Repositories, Pre-defined Metadata and Metadata Authenticity. In the discussion section, this paper highlights most on the history of e-Records. This shows that the history or event history is the main focus of this paper. Finally, this paper conclude the issues by making a event history issues as a critical challenges that need to be focused in preserving an e-Records metadata

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Keywords: Electronic government, Electronic records, e-Records preservation, Preservation metadata, Event history
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