Social media celebrity influences on adolescence’s behavior

Social media celebrity influences on adolescence’s behavior. Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 1. pp. 219-227. ISSN 2289-9855 (2015)


This research is designed to explore how social media influence adolescence behavior. The revolution of social media sites has allows the public to interact with the content where the media has the power to capture users attention as well as changing their behavior. Technology today somehow can shape one identity whether good or bad. However, social media also has the ability to do so. Besides of MySpace and Facebook, new application had been introduced to the world, which is Instagram. This application provides photo and video sharing that enables users to upload picture and videos. This study applies two approaches, which is quantitative approach via Google survey with 200 respondents and content analysis studied on Faiz Dickie’s Instagram account. Faiz Dickie is a former student of Communication and Media Studies, it is significant with the study where the respondent is conducted on students in Faculty of Communication and Media Studies. This study also explores user’s engagement on social networking and identified the purposes why audiences follow this “instafomous”. This study also examines the content provided by the social media celebrity, on users behavior and how the content can influence adolescence. Overall findings suggest that social media celebrity had significantly influence higher percentage of adolescence based on the content provided to the users. The significance of this study is to provide understanding toward communication students on how new media tools can shape the society.

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