Malay ingenuity in the local materials for the production of Malay manuscripts

Malay ingenuity in the local materials for the production of Malay manuscripts. In: International Conference of Malay Manuscripts, 10-12 October 2017, Kuala Lumpur. (In Press) (2017)


Malay manuscript is a heritage of the Malays of immense value. Thousands of Malay manuscripts were written over the centuries in Malay language, covering varied fields of knowledge and wisdom: belief, religion, medicine, history, literature etc. Therefore it was not surprising to find Malay manuscripts been collected in large numbers by individuals associated with colonial powers especially the British and the Dutch. Malay manuscripts have been the primary resource for the study of the Malay culture and mind. They had been collected up to the present by foreigners who are interested to study Malay culture and mind like the Europeans and lately by Koreans and Japanese. At present, there are so many Malay manuscript collections in educational institutions overseas especially libraries and museums.

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