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Le Monde: cafe. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Le Monde is a cafe located in Lot 1-22 & 1-24, 151 floor 1 Borneo Hyper Mall, S-701,Jalan Sulaman 88400 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah that provide foods and drinks based on nutrition because our main product is fruit which is lemon. Le Monde cafe serves all types of customers whether they young or old it doesn't matter because our main goals is to make people's life healthy and increases the awareness of people nowadays. Lemon is a nutritious fruit. So we came with a brilliant idea to produce such product that containing lemon's nutrient inside it. People who want to keep their health in good condition can come to our cafe because we not only provide healthy produet but also provides services such as tips how to keep our body always in good condition, teach them how to prepare healthier meals and many more. Based on the statistic, people across Kota Kinabalu most of them love to keep their body fit and healthier. So we Le Monde cafe, saw the opportunity that this might have the potential to success. People who likes to keep their health always in good condition can to our cafe and they also can have in here because we also provides a television where our cafe will played the motivation videos so that all the customers can watch it.

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