Aramaii Homestay: hospitality service

Aramaii Homestay: hospitality service. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Nowadays, there are several business existed in our country which competitively. Entrepreneurship acts as the movers of the economy who involve in the business of product or service. However the entrepreneur has absolute right to make decisions of what product to produce based on relevancy. Business might give profit or gain losses but it depends on the entrepreneur to manage the business as well. Normally entrepreneur starts up their business because they want to get maximum profit as their main goal. After we made up decision, finally we determine to state to open up Aramaii Homestay that provide hospitality service such as room for rent and expose the ethnic culture activities to the locals and foreigners. Before we make this decision, we already did various methods to identify the opportunity in the business field. Nevertheless, our company name is Aramaii Homestay which establish as a partner company. We are expecting to run the business as of first January 2014. We choose hospitality service because we want to fully utilize the natural environment at Kundasang as well as commercializing the local ethnic culture and promote the tourism industry in Sabah. Apart from that, our aim is to become among the popular and interesting place to stay. Establish this service will help us to earn profit with a lower cost compare to other hotel and resorts and also to expand capitals and get a loyal customer. Our homestay is not only for accommodation purpose but we are offering job opportunities for the local community. This is because we want to help the improvement in the local hospitality service. Therefore the accomplishment depends on the proper management and the proper cooperation between employers and employees whereby we provide high quality of our service by ensuring the satisfaction, serenity and savory to the customers. The great disciplinary by both parties is required to ensure business mission is achieved and performance is under the target line. Our target market help us in providing service that we are focusing at Kundasang, Ranau as it is our first step before expanding our business. Marketing analysis about our market size and competitors help us to forecast sales and build up marketing strategies. All partners have sacrifice time, energy expertise and everything to ensure that this business plan done very well. With hope this business plan could bring us to achieve our goals.

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