Tasty Tasty Muffin: Muffins and catering service

Tasty Tasty Muffin: Muffins and catering service. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


Tasty Tasty Muffin will be a entrepreneurial shop located at Alamesra,Kota Kinabalu. Muffins will be offered with a variety of flavors, sizes, toppings and decorations. This shop will contain a comfortable seating area, allowing customer to stop in and sit down. Tasty Tasty Muffin will also include a catering service to large delivery order for big events, providing greater convenience customer. Tasty Tasty Muffin will have extensive target market. People of all ages enjoy delicious muffin and will therefore be included in the target market. Tasty Tasty Muffin will be able to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of consumers. Product quality is critical in the food industry. For that reason Tasty Tasty Muffin will ensure product quality through the use of fresh ingredients, sale of only fresh muffin and a focus on cleanliness. Innovations are also goal of the company. Tasty Tasty Muffin will provide seasonal muffin with flavors corresponding to the seasons. Product quality and innovations will be a major focus of the business. Though Tasty Tasty Muffin will open as a single and over the time the business will strive to expand. Once Tasty Tasty Muffin proves to be a success, the business will open more store in Kota Kinabalu areas. As the success of the overall business increases, Tasty Tasty Muffin will slowly expand to a wider range of Locations.A Company will allow consumers to view everything offered in our shop as well as grant the option for customers to place orders. Price at Tasty Tasty Muffin will strive to competitive based pricing. Costs and expenses will be calculated to provide the business with a minimum price option, preventing any losses. As long as industry prices are high enough to cover the calculated cost, Tasty Tasty Muffin will choose price similar to its competitors. Tasty Tasty Muffin first opens, it will host a grand opening to gain consumer awareness. The event will offer free samples of a variety product offered by the business to achieve consumer awareness as community member are frequently exposed to the business name. These plans for Tasty Tasty Muffin are intended to help the business grow more successful and profitable. However, through the use of financial analysis, customer surveys, share comparisons, the company will be capable of determining which of these strategies fully are productive to help the business thrive. Evaluating the effectives of different method of marketing, Tasty Tasty Muffin will learn what is needed for the company to be an absolute success.

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