S.J.U.W Studio: photographic and video

S.J.U.W Studio: photographic and video. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The name of our business is S. J . U. W Studio. The business related of photographic and video that has not yet been established inside of UiTM Sabah. As we know, as soon as all the students who just entered UiTM Sabah, known as the first semester students, photograph session will be opened and charged to the students that all this will be done by a photographer from outsiders who have been certified by the UiTM to conduct their business inside of UiTM. So, we can see for them that this job opportunity has been exploited by outsiders and not the UiTM Sabah students'. So, there are business opportunities that are obvious, especially to UiTM Sabah students' connection with doing business photographic. When our business was conducted, our business is specializing to the service which we will be divided into two types that are photographic and video. We can record video and shoot photo such as presentation of student work in class, Convocation Ceremony which we understand that Convocation Ceremony for all students of UiTM Sabah will be held on UiTM Sabah campus coming soon instead of at the UiTM Shah Alam, special programs organized by the University, College, or Program, for example Golden Voice Competition and Family Day and anything else that could be considered related to photographic and record video. Since we are first do business specifically to photographic and videos inside of UiTM Sabah, it automatically gives us the opportunity to become the first and no competitors. S. J . U.W Studio is located on Bukit Perumahan adjacent to Taska inside of the UiTM Sabah. We will discuss with the authority of UiTM Sabah related to the location rental price that we have made as a business and our studio. Our main target for this time is only for UiTM Sabah students and staffs, and the residents of Sepanggar Area. Our potential prospects from Sepanggar Area are the resident of Taman Indah Permai, resident of Taman Sri Maju, students of Politeknik, the resident of IKP and resident of Bukit Sepanggar. Hopefully, we will grow and achieve our business in future which we will to conduct our business in every public and private university throughout Malaysia especially in Sabah. S. J . U. W Studio expected to be operational on 1st January 2013.

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