Daing Enterprise: freshwater fish

Daing Enterprise: freshwater fish. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The name of our company is Daing Enterprise. Daing is fish according to the Bajau community in Sabah. As we mentioned about Daing, we in Daing Enterprise supply freshwater fish that usually one of the favorite fish of Sabah People. Nowadays, these kinds of fish which is freshwater fish have a high demand from days to days until there is not enough supply to support the orders. When these matters occurs our company Daing Enterprise would fulfill everyone needs and the market demands will be increasing. Our target customers are people around Sabah. This is because Sabah has a high number of demands of these kinds of fish. In addition, in long term plan for Daing Enterprise we will try to expand our freshwater fish to Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia. Our business operates in two locations, which are at Alam Mesra as our administration management and our livestock farming, is at Kampung Tikolod, Tambunan. We choose these places as our location because it was good in every aspect. These businesses have a potential to being expanded. The future prospect of our business is to increase people knowledge about our business. In viewing our business potential, we believe that Daing Enterprise productions have a high potential in business since the government want to encourage business in agriculture sector and fisheries.

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