Report on ‘Cellulosic passive fire protection fundamentals and structural fire design’

Report on ‘Cellulosic passive fire protection fundamentals and structural fire design’. Jurutera Online: Additional Reports. (2022)


The boards form a box around the metal profile, they are fixed either mechanically or by gluing. Board usually used for technical profiles of constant sections where site cleanliness is sought or for decorative purposes. Spray fire
protection normally consist of cement, gypsum, vermiculite or perlite. It is cheap and effective and often hidden due to aesthetics. The thickness of spray is approximately 15mm to 50mm. Intumescent coatings are reactive coatings which expand as a result of heat exposure, forming a low
thermal conductivity char. Expansion is normally around 50 times the applied dry film thickness (DFT). Intumescent coating normally 0.5mm to 10mm thick and applied using spray gun or brush. Intumescent coating can be applied on & off site and can improved aesthetic finish. It is damage resistant and fast application.

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