Masam Manis Dessert Enterprise: self-service restaurant

Masam Manis Dessert Enterprise: self-service restaurant. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The name of our restaurant is Masam Manis Enterprise. This business is in form of enterprise which consists of five members. Each partner contributes certain amount of capital as agreed in agreement. The main business activity is sells a variety of foods, especially desserts. Our restaurant wants to market "cendol” as the main dessert. This is because "cendol" is one of the signature dishes in East Malaysia. We want to diversify” cendol” become more attractive and popular at Sarawak. Our target customers are the students in the area because of our proximity to UiTM and UNIMAS.Our business operation is at 9 am to 9pm on weekdays except Monday and opens on the weekend. Our restaurant uses the concept of self-service restaurant system and using receipt to purchase food. We have two stalls in the same restaurant. This system is used so that customers can choose a variety of food they want.
There are no sleeping partners and all are entitled to participate in the business management. We agreed that Amira Nur’ain bt Jasmi is our General Manager, Ema Fazlina bt Zakaria is the Administration Manager, Aina bt Hisam is the Operation Manager, Jannatul Husna bt Mohd Isa as Financial Manager and Afiqah bt Bojeng as Marketing Manager. The selection of General Manager is based on consensus among all the partners and selected based on the experience, skills and ability.
The management team will be led by the General Manager and assist by the other managers. The General Manager is responsible in planning, leading, controlling and organizing the business. The Administration Manager is responsible for the job that related to administration such as planning and arranging the remuneration schedule of salary and wages. The Operation Manager is responsible to the entire job that related to the operation and will be supervise and coordinate the operation of the business. The Marketing Manager will be responsible to create the marketing plan, identifying the customer's need and demand, identifying the competitors, target market, market size and forecast the future market. Lastly, the Financial Manager will be handled the financial matters such as preparing the budget and financial statement for expenses of each departments and controlling the flow of the money of the organization.

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