Steamboat Kitchen Choice of Sarawak: steamboat

Steamboat Kitchen Choice of Sarawak: steamboat. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The business plan of Steamboat Kitchen Choice of Sarawak is proposed so that it can be taken by comprehensive manner. This business plan gives us the opportunity to assess on business Steamboat which is it will be the first “Halal” industry in the future after this business being operate. We decided to form partnership business which is we can spend our interest in Steamboat industry.The business is in form of enterprise which consists of five shareholders which consists of five shareholders with experience in our own field, nature of job. All of the shareholders had agreed as stated in the agreement letter that the amount of capital, profit and loss will be divided as stated ratio. By doing a partnership business with all experienced managers, we are able to compete with other competitor and we are able to be creative for our customers. Besides that, we want to be more focus on our fresh material from its quality and improving our management to serve customers as we can and try to give them the best taste and fresh material from our business. All shareholders had agreed as stated in the agreement letter that mentioned about the capital, contribution, loss and profit of the business.We choose this business because it shows the equality and no one will discriminated as the profit or losses are equally divided as stated ratio and the financial manager will announce whether the business will gain how much profit or loss by the end of the year sales. In other we want to be more cooperate, built a good relationship with among us and customers. Beside that, we already planning to built one business which its among us already have experience and expertise on our field.
Furthermore, the partnership is an excellent option for us to take part in because the shareholders will always sharing the ideas and knowledge in order to gain profit and achieve high productive from time to time. Beside that, our customers happiness is our priority. In this business, we believe that commitment, dedication, hard work, efficiency and innovation will help us in achieving the objectives of this company. Besides that, we want to let customers know that not only is seafood delicious, it's also one of the healthiest things you can put on your plate.

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