Meido Kissa Technolounge: hi-tech cafe

Meido Kissa Technolounge: hi-tech cafe. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


MEIDO KISSA TECHNOLOUNGE is a cafe establishment that aims to provide the best hangout spot and lounge in Malaysia which uses technological approach to delight and attract customers, and at the same time keeping it distinguishable and unique from other competitors in the market. Thus MEIDO KISSA is a new venture for Technological Entrepreneurship in Malaysia. The main selling points for MEIDO KISSA would be the hi-tech equipments that will be prepared for the user at the cafe. Other local cafes in the local market basically offer the same thing for the community and we can say that the only thing that separates them from each other is their list of menus. There is very little room for innovation. People came, sit down, order their drinks, wait and that's just about it. Thus we've decided to capitalize on this situation by offering something new. At our cafe, customer will no longer have to shout and call for the waiter to fetch them the menu. Instead, they get to order their food the futuristic way, using our interactive touch-screen table; a menu^ will pop up on the touch-screen table surface where the user can decide on their orders. After the selection is confirmed, the order will be transmitted to the counter via Bluetooth, where the waitress will then prepare the food and send it to the users' table. The menu will take 10-15 minutes to be prepared. It takes time because we offer only fresh made foods and beverages but fear not; waiting is no longer a problem since the users can use the touch-screen table as a media to play music, movies, and pictures or even browse the internet.

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