Tasty-Licious Donuts: doughnuts

Tasty-Licious Donuts: doughnuts. [Entrepreneurship Project] (Unpublished)


The name of our business is Tasty-Licious Donuts. This business is in form of enterprise which consists of five members. Each partner contributes certain amount of capital as agreed in agreement. The main business activity is sells and produces donuts with various taste. Only a few company willing to open and sell the donuts. We want to sell the donuts wish is better in quality and taste which satisfy customer's- Our target customers are peoples around Kota Samarahan, because the target area is have a huge population of students and family. Our business operation is at 9.300am to 9.300pm everydays. Our business uses the concept of cash system in value of exchnge.
There are no sleeping partners and all are entitled to participate in the business management. We agreed that Syed Abdul Aziz bin Wan Halami is our General Manager and Administrative Manager, Donna Tracy anak Riden is the Operation Manager, Syed Mohd Tirmizi bin Wan Madehi as Financial Manager, Lessendra Dayun anak Andok as Marketing Manager and Stephanie Eleenora Fitzgerald as a Admin Manager. The selection of General Manager is based on consensus among all the partners and selected based on the experience, skills and ability.

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