Identification and interpretation of popular culture icons in Izaddin Matrahah’s paintings

Identification and interpretation of popular culture icons in Izaddin Matrahah’s paintings. Kupas Seni, 10 (SI 2). pp. 70-79. ISSN 2289-4640 (2022)


This study aims to identify the popular culture icons featured in his work, see how the icons are visualized in his work, and understand the literal & implicit meaning in the placement of iconic images in the work of Izaddin Matrahah. This study focuses onIzaddin Matrahah’s visual artwork by approaching, understanding, and explaining in the context of popular culture icons. The qualitative methods used in this study were observation, interview, and documentation methods. By using this qualitative study, researchers can understand in more detail the use of popular culture icons found in Izaddin’s work. As a result of the study findings, there are six breakdowns of icon categories used in his work. All the icons used by Izaddin are the result of his response to events that took place throughout his life. Much of the use of icons in Izaddin’s work is composed based on his personal experience through the appropriation of popular culture icons and is interpreted with implicit meanings such as power, entertainment, materialism, struggle, throne position, and heroism.

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