The digital printing technology exploration in commercial printing companies

The digital printing technology exploration in commercial printing companies. Kupas Seni, 10 (1): 4. pp. 34-41. ISSN 2289-4640 (2022)


Printing products is a vital communication media for everyone. Nevertheless, the role and importance of printed materials have changed due to the rapid development of the internet, social media, and digital technology. This has impacted the printing industry globally. The Malaysia printing industry, particularly the commercial printing companies are also influenced by this scenario, whereby printing order has been reduced. This consequently affects the revenue of the printers and presents pressure to the commercial printers on how to sustain in the market. Ignoring this could lead to a further financial disturbance or closure of business. Thus, this study is proposed to explore the acceptance and importance of digital printing technology among commercial printing companies in Malaysia. Knowing the acceptance and understanding of the importance of digital technology could elevate the usage rate of the technology among the printers and could better help them to survive or improve their business. A qualitative approach (in-depth interviews) with approximately 7printing companies with senior managers will be conducted. Data will be coded and analyzed for themes. The findings will be used to formulate a business model that is suitable for commercial printing companies as well as other relevant printing industries. This study hopes to assist the Malaysia printing companies generally and Commercial printing companies specifically to better understand the importance of digital technology adoption that can help to boost their business performance.

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