Theoretical framework study on formgiving mobile education game design technology

Theoretical framework study on formgiving mobile education game design technology. In: International Colloquium of Art and Design Education Research (i-CADER 2014). Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 47-52. ISBN 978-981-287-332-3 (2015)


There has been a research on the use of mobile learning (m-learning) for primary school students, but research specifically on mobile education game design based on mind, vision, and psychomotor is still fairly under investigation. Online learning interventions have only recently included computer gaming component. Several modern m-learning approaches have begun to integrate game-based education and practice for better outcome. Hence, the proposed research represents a first step toward taking advantage of this recent technological innovation, particularly to cultivate and nurture the millennial circle which has been demoralized and depressed pertaining to the education and learning process. It is a study that demonstrates an uneven coordination in the area of scaffold m-learning, where the interest leans more toward the content point of view and very little from a mobile game-based learning or more specifically a game design’s point of view. More research is needed to narrow the gap between educators, instructors, tutors, and teachers and their students with a new mobile education game design framework. The study plans are to investigate the practice in an educational game design model for millennial that will potentially assist educators, instructors, facilitators, and curriculum developers to create appropriate instrument and instructional programs to meet millennial academic needs. A mobile education game design framework for millennial development and enhancement is to be proposed from the outcome of this study.

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