Laman arca: connecting the public sculpture experience through a cloud-based system

Laman arca: connecting the public sculpture experience through a cloud-based system. Kupas Seni, 10 (SI2). pp. 29-37. ISSN 2289-4640 (2022)


Experiencingpublic sculpture can be highly individualistic for eachparticipatingaudience. The experienceonly lasts for as long as they are onthe site.Without anyextensive interactive element besides taking photographsand observing, it is safe to say thatlacking thereofisshown ina static environment.This research aimsto create aplatform that connectsvisitors’experiencesinto one collective hiveby expanding it through theartworks’ captions. Laman Arca;is a series of public sculptures on specific sitesthat allow visitors to usethe implemented cloud-based system to harness their creativeneeds. This implementation improvesvisitors’ ways of interacting with the sculptures by adding a platform to discoursethem, exponentially improving their appreciative experiences.The system hasseveralsections; artwork description, artist’s biography, essentialinformation, and live-site projects.The platform is retroactive, which means new visitors can assess previous audiences' experiences and provide new ones.This study will examinethe shared experiences’ responses and howthey usethe system to validateits effectiveness.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Public sculptures,, Photography persona, Photojournalism, Experience, Connecting, Cloud-based, System
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Date Deposited: 21 Oct 2022 09:03
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