Efficacy of DTT by using touchscreen learning numeracy app for children with autism

Efficacy of DTT by using touchscreen learning numeracy app for children with autism. In: 2016 IEEE 8th International Conference on Engineering Education (ICEED), 07-08 December 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (2016)


Touchscreen assistive learning numeracy application (TaLNA) is a touchscreen learning based application design for Children with Autism. TaLNA has been developed based on the concept of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) called discrete trial training (DTT). This app will be used by teachers and instructors as a platform to facilitate children with autism on learning basic numeracy development in special schools. Thus, this study will investigate the efficacy and the effect of touchscreen assistive learning towards the children with autism. This app will run on Android and Windows platform. At an economical price range, the touchscreen assistive learning will have an immediate cause and effect response that enables the children with autism to be more independent during the scaffolds learning process. Hence it is an essence enhancement for children with autism management in and outside the classroom. This app is embedded with animated and interactive learning which has the potential to keep the children with autism motivated and engaged. It is a hope that TaLNA may inspire the instructional learning environment for children with autism, which could avail boost in early childcare education (ECCE).

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